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Chinese Academy of Inspection Quarantine Comprehensive Test Center(hereinafterreferred to as theCAIQTEST), a third-party inspection and quarantine organization, isestablished with the accreditation of CNAS and has obtained the qualification of CMA. TheCenter operates under the ISO/IEC17025. CAIQTEST has been responsible for theconfirmation and arbitration of test results for about 10 years. Its reports have acquiredinternational approvals.

The businesses of the CAIQTEST cover: physical, chemical and biological tests of food andfood additives, feed and feed additives; inspection for toxic and harmful substances in textiles,cosmetics, building materials, painting materials, electrical and electronic products,.Especially, CAIQTEST takes the leading role at home and abroad in the trade of testingpesticide residues, drug residues, heavy metals, dioxins, GMO, micro-organisms and toxin,food irradiation as well as heat sterilization.

CAIQTEST laboratories and offices take an area of about 6800m2, with more than 450sets of instruments and equipment, valued RMB 0.17 billion Yuan. The talent team inCAIQTEST is well-educated, experienced and highly qualified in the application anddevelopment of testing methods. Along with accomplishing testing tasks, CAIQTEST activelydevelops all kinds of testing techniques on the basis of its strong scientific strength, e.g.standard testing methods practicable in enterprises and having good market prospects.